Restore Communities is setting up Safe Spaces for children to attend after school and during school holidays for learning and mentoring.  These will be set up in local church buildings around the country.  Qualified teachers are being hired to run these Safe spaces, to help take young people off the streets and give them a focus.  The cost of Tuition will be just £1 per student.  Cost must not be a barrier to attendance.


Restore Communities  serves as a resource provide information and support regarding general health and well-being including matters relating to mental health, reproductive and sexual health, disabilities and impairments of any nature. To this end, this organisation   collaborates with partners to promote good health and well-being within the Afro-Caribbean communities.

Business and Commerce

Restore Communities  supports the economic empowerment of individuals and families within the Afro-Caribbean communities. This includes engaging in activities that create opportunities for entrepreneurs by way of training and access to start up funds and other venture capital.


Restore Communities supports individuals within the Afro-Caribbean community committed to social justice and equality and who are interested in pursuing civic duties and public service. RC  also supports and funds research activities relating to unequal treatment of people of Afro-Caribbean origin in both the criminal and civil systems of justice.